Colegio Columbia offers a Bilingual Preschool program that introduces English as a first language.

Our holistic teaching system comprehensively develops skills and abilities in children from 2 to 6 years old. There are 4 levels of preschool: Nursery 2, Nursery 3, Kindergarten and Pre-Primary, where classes are taught in English.

In Preschool we lay the foundations for the beginning of reading, writing and mathematics, we stimulate motor and intellectual development and we encourage creativity in our students. To this end, we have trained teachers, two in each classroom, and specially equipped areas so that students learn by experimenting.

In compliance with the institutional philosophy, Colegio Columbia offers small groups and two teachers per group, a main teacher and an assistant teacher. We also maintain constant communication with parents so that they actively participate in their children’s learning process.

Co-curricular areas

Recreational and co-curricular activities, along with the Preschool curriculum, encourage children to develop at their own pace. Our goal is to foster creativity, self-discipline and self-confidence in our students.

Learning Center is a co-curricular class that stimulates the student’s integral development through projects that promote exploring the student’s environment. It consists of three centers for arts, science and drama. Together, they help students acquire knowledge in an experiential, active and creative way.

Math Lab is a class that reinforces the logical mathematical field through didactic games and other activities, both individually and in groups.

The physical education class integrally trains students to develop the necessary motor, cognitive, and affective skills for their age. In this class, the students express their spontaneity and creativity, and above all, it allows them to learn, respect and value themselves, as well as others.

MAC class develops psychomotor skills in preschool-age students through specific activities. These aspects of the student are: body scheme, gross motor, fine motor and spatial-temporal notions.

Music class is introduced from a preschool age due to its importance to intellectual, auditory, sensory, speech and motor development. Students are introduced to the basics of music by singing, playing instruments, and creative play and movement.

Computer Lab reinforces the English curriculum and introduces the use of a computer, an interactive board and robotics with age-appropriate activities.

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