Junior High

Colegio Columbia instills in its students the skills of creativity, leadership and an appreciation for discovery.

Always seeking academic excellence, we are accredited by international organizations, which gives us the ability to respond to the new educational challenges and requirements of our interconnected world, giving students the opportunity to have international experiences.
That’s why at Colegio Columbia’s secondary school, we offer a multicultural program and a third language: French. The goal is to prepare our students so they can continue their studies at the high school they choose, including international high schools.

Colegio Columbia´s Jr. High School prepares our students to succeed in a globalized world by offering an advanced English program and a third language: French, where our goal is to prepare our students so they can successfully continue their studies at a High School level.

  • Science Lab
  • ICT Learning Centers (Information and Communication Technologies)
  • Library
  • Auditorium
  • Robotics lab
  • Sports facilities
  • Recreational areas
  • Insurance schemes in case of accident and orphanhood
  • Security guard and safety cameras in common areas
  • Nurses in campus
  • Extracurricular Activities *

* Subject to conditions


With the B1 Preliminary Cambridge Exam, our students certificate their level of English, which gives them many academic benefits, since this certificate is recognized by more than 15,000 universities and various countries around the world.

Additionally, our students obtain the Microsoft Office Specialist certification, which is granted in English and gives added value to the technology program.

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