Columbia College instills in its students intellectual enthusiasm, leadership, and appreciation for discovery.

In a holistic way, we consider this intermediate stage as the center of the educational universe. It is in these years that students need to be exposed to a wide variety of potential interests for their lives; they need to form academic habits and to be guided through social challenges.

That’s why at Colegio Columbia’s secondary school, we offer a multicultural program and a third language: French. The goal is to prepare our students so they can continue their studies at the high school they choose, including international high schools.


To make students aware of other people’s needs, we involve them in activities that help develop a sense of social responsibility by doing community service.

Computer Science (in English)


Physical Education

Music Class

Robotics (in English)

Track and Field





It is important to note some of the other significant ways that the school promotes student development beyond the classroom. The following co-curricular and extracurricular activities are included:

PET Cambridge


Microsoft Specialist


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